Watch Yan Oda Episode 3 English Subtitles

Yan Oda episode 3

Simten is furious when she sees Taylan and Şelale withtheir lips locked; Şelale tries to explain that things are not what they seems. While Taylan is busy punching out Anıl who is making fun of a very sensitive issue regarding his mother, this causes tensions at the wedding to quickly escalate.

Şelale accuses Sevgi regarding a certain issue about her father. Fikret who overhears this conversation remembers a traumatic time in his life of which he has never gotten over and now he is full of suspicion.

Nurcihan now grabs ahold of a trump card she can use at every opportunity she wants over Sevgi, and she immediately puts a very dangerous plan into motion.

Cevale who notices this situation tries to do whatever she can to prevent her daughter from falling into a very difficult position. Şelale who does not want to hurt her mother's happiness, tries to speak with Simten, but the response she receives if very hurtful.

Sevgi becomes suspicious that something can develop between Fikret and Sümer, so she starts to investigate. While at the same time Fikret also has a similar feeling as well when he comes face to face with a situation that exacerbates his anxiety.

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