Kul Masali Episode 5 English Subtitles

Kul Masali episode 5

When Arat tells Özge "You are the twist of my fate" we now learn that Arat did not run into Özge totally by coincidence. The truths that have been exposed from the Giraylı family mansion, also has cracked the door open on many other secrets as well. In this story we learn that everyone has a secret agenda, and that no one is an innocent as they seem, or no one is as guilty as they seem.... There is only one thing that is a fact and that will not change; and that is the love that Arat has for Özge.

Without Arat's knowledge, Erhan goes to see Turfan; he tells Tufan who has been taken into custody for hiding Jale, that he does not believe that he is guilty. When Arat learns that Erhan went to see Tufan he goes extremely crazy with anger, why would the man that he sees like a brother, do such a thing?

We learn that Erhan actually knows more than he lets on. In the middle of all of these secrets the conflict between Özge and Jale continues to intensify. Arat makes the decision to send Jale out of the mansion. Neveser puts out all of the cards that she is holding out into the open to try and convince Jale to take her husband back.

The false news that was exposed regarding Özge has both Arat and Özge agreeing to hold a joint press conference. However this is something that Özge does not like at all. The more that the photo is on the everyone's agenda, the greater the risk that her mother or someone who knows her will watch this interview and be discovered.

At a moment that is not expected, Özge witnesses something that cause her eye to open wide, and this is when she now realizes with certainty that nothing in the Giraylı house is as it seems on the surface.

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