Yali Capkini Episode 62 with English Subtitles

Yali Capkini episode 62

Orhan's release from prison makes everyone happy; but their happiness is cut short when Suna and Kaya announce their intentions of divorcing. Ferit leading the family in outrage when they learn that Kaya had raised his hand to Suna.

When Seyran and Kazım hear about wkat Kaya had done, they are furious, and have them both immediately heading over to the Korhan mansion; however the reaction they receive from Suna is something they never expected. When Ferit decides to step in to stop Kazım's bullying, he decides that the time has come and he grabs Seyran away from Kazım.

The couple spend a moment of tender love, Seyran finally confesses the reason why she had to get engaged.

The sacrifice that Seyran made effects everyone deeply, and with the help they receive from Kont Ziya, Ökkeş is neutralized and can no longer do any harm to anyone.

As surprising chain of events take place between Halis Ağa and Hattuç; Ferit wants to leave all of the bad days behind them, and he is trying to convince Seyran of starting over.

New Episode air's Friday 15 March @ 20:00 on StarTV

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