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 Who are the cast of Teşkilat series?

The series' Teşkilat( The Agency)', which will tell the extraordinary gests of MIT, begins to meet the followership every Sunday on TRT 1. Produced by TIMS&B products and produced by Timur Savcı and Burak Sagyaşar, the product will be shown on TRT 1 on Sunday, March 7th. suckers of the show are also curious about who the actors in the new series are and the overall content of the series. Meanwhile, where the show was mugged is among the motifs being questioned. So, what is the agency talking about, who are its players?

With the series' Teşkilat( The Agency)', images from the lot of the National Intelligence Service( MIT), known as the castle, will be displayed for the first time. Some of the styles used by MIT in charge operation technology and the rearmost developments in UAV/ DRONE technology will also meet the followership. Then are the details about the cast and synopsis of Teşkilat( The Agency) series.

The first donation of the series Teşkilat( The Agency), starring Caglar Ertuğrul, Deniz Baysal Yurtçu, Mesut Akusta, Ezgi Eyüboglu, Ezgi Senler, Mehmet Usta, Tuncer Salman, Nihat Altinkaya and Serdar Yeghin, attracted great attention. The show premieres tonight with its first occasion.
Directed by Yağz Alp Akaydin, Teşkilat( The Agency) series conveys MIT's extraordinary gests to the script, while in Ankara, for the first time in a long time, the series is being mugged with a product of this magnitude.

Synopsis of Teşkilat( The Agency)

The subject of the series, which is largely anticipated with its strong cast and magnific product and will reveal the behind the scenes of MIT in a sense, is as follows; This platoon, led by educated intelligence officer Mete Bey( Mesut Akusta), is listed to carry out numerous covert operations at home and abroad in order for these operations to reach the target and be effective, platoon members are obliged to be known on paper and" officially" dead.

Mr. Mete met collectively with Zehra( Deniz Baysal Yurtcu), Haki Uncle( Tuncer Salman), Pinar( Ezgi Senler), Hulki( Nihat Altinkaya), Uzay( Serdar Yeghin) and Gürcan( Ahmet Ugur Say), who he allowed
of in the platoon, and told each of them that everyone who knew them and their families should" know they're dead" and offered to accept this.

Serdar Kilicaslan( Caglar Ertuğrul), the most popular name of the agency, is chosen for the leadership of this platoon, which brings together the stylish intelligence officers of Teşkilat. While Serdar is between his love of motherland and his love Ceren( Ezgi Eyüboglu)( because he'll know That Ceren de Serdar is" dead" as part of this charge), the other members of the platoon of intelligence officers, each specializing in his field, realize that they will go down an unrecoverable path.

Character Cast of Teşkilat( The Agency)

Caglar Ertuğrul as Serdar

Who's Serdar? Serdar's family is one of the agency's most popular intelligence officers, failed in Germany at the age of 10 in an attack byneo-nazis. He was brought home in Serdar and raised under the supervision ofMr. Mete. Serdar, the attractive leader of the platoon, was trained as a completely equipped organizer from nonage and is a master of ruckus and munitions use.

Caglar Ertuğrul was born in Izmir in 1987. He graduated from Koç University in Mechanical Engineering. During his council times, he starred in the theatre.

Deniz Baysal as Zahra

Zehra, who's a representative of sense in the platoon, is known for her intelligence and calmness. Zahra, who can remain calm indeed in the most severe heads, is an intelligence officer who makes realistic and rational opinions.

Deniz Baysal

Denise Besal, who acted in the series Agency, will play the role of Zahra in this series. Deniz Baysal, who preliminarily starred with Caglar Ertuğrul in different series, joined the cast of the agency series. Caglar Ertuğrul and Deniz Besal will star in the series. Born on April 5, 1991 in Izmir, Deniz Baysal is a successful actor who has appeared in numerous series. Eventually, in the 7th century. He'll star in the series Deniz Baysal, which starred in The phenomenon on the Ward. In Deniz Baysal Agency series

Ezgi Eyüboglu as Ceren

Ceren is Serdar's nut, she's an seductive and sympathetic woman. Ceren, who works cautions in the kitchen and lives off dealing french gravies he makes, has further than meets the eye in her character.

Ezgi Eyüboglu will star in The Agency. Ezgi Eyüboglu was born in 1988 in Ankara. He studied advanced acting at Bahçeşehir University. My Heart Chose You, The magnific Century, The World of falsehoods, vengeance, Prohibition, Ulan Istanbul, Name happiness, A Family Story, My Companion 2 flicks and series.
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